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About Fabrizio Zavagli (Rasty)
Posted Monday, March 14, 2005 by Rasty

If I had to define myself somehow, I'd say I'm a technology fanatic and of overally geekish attitude.

The first programming steps I've moved were on the C64, but my first "serious" productions came out later on the Amiga. I was mostly active as a Demo-coder, and in fact joined several of the groups in the scene during the early 90s.

After the Amiga, I've moved to the PC where the demo scene was somewhat smaller (but growing) and kept producing demos but eventually moved on with other PC-related programming in several areas.

The lightning fast evolution of PC's software over the last years meant a full-time dedication for me to keep the pace, and I really couldn't afford it. So I've left behind most of my "professional" graphical programming and leant more on "alternative" platforms. I've been mostly active in the Atari 2600 scene, an activity which unfortunately I've had very little time to keep on going lately. I've worked on some Palm stuff and GP32 too. Started doing some J2ME for Nokia phones but that wasn't much fun!

I'm also a pretty avid old computers/videogames collector, in fact I've got a growing collection of systems and I'll probably put up a page for it someday, once I'll be able to actually organize it! (for now, check my friend and fellow collector Farenka's home).

Unfortunately I also do spend quite too much money on new game systems and generally consumer electronics :/

My current occupation is Project Manager at a big firm operating in the Music and Entertainment industry.

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